vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Bit more info on the Edirol

This week bought the Edirol UA-25EX, external sound card. It gives a tremendous boost to the low levels (stations), connection is done via USB 2.0.There are many settings, installing automatically adjusts the internal sound card, and can have your through the Edirol recording (of course you can still use your old settings).
 Is this worth the purchase? and you value for money?
 Certainly this is worth it for a driven DXer, who hunts in distant stations! . The price is around 200 euros, of course, make yourself ......... much or not much!
 Is this at the same use with the regular receiver?
 Certainly, by many connections, this certainly scenes but otherwise with very good results (tested with the R &S  EK02)
 Decision, I also bought the Edirol for mobile use (headphone amplifier) and easy to use, the clarity has improved 20%, tested with old audio files from last Monday (Perseus)