vrijdag 1 oktober 2010

Bit more info on the Edirol

This week bought the Edirol UA-25EX, external sound card. It gives a tremendous boost to the low levels (stations), connection is done via USB 2.0.There are many settings, installing automatically adjusts the internal sound card, and can have your through the Edirol recording (of course you can still use your old settings).
 Is this worth the purchase? and you value for money?
 Certainly this is worth it for a driven DXer, who hunts in distant stations! . The price is around 200 euros, of course, make yourself ......... much or not much!
 Is this at the same use with the regular receiver?
 Certainly, by many connections, this certainly scenes but otherwise with very good results (tested with the R &S  EK02)
 Decision, I also bought the Edirol for mobile use (headphone amplifier) and easy to use, the clarity has improved 20%, tested with old audio files from last Monday (Perseus)

maandag 13 september 2010

Logs on the MW from the 3 last weeks

1470,00 WLAM Lewiston ME USA 17-8 00.56 Oldie s chanel
1510 WWZN Boston MA USA 17-8 00.59 Full ID
1520 WWKB Buffalo NY USA 17-8 0.100 ID Buffalo chanel
1540 CHIN Toronto ON CAN 17-8 0.102 Talks show CRI
1521 CRI,Urumqi CHN 17-8 1755 Typ. Intro melodie for CRI
1539 R.Diffusion Vision DJI 17-8 2124 African music // 4780
1539 VOA R.Aap Ki Dunyaa UAE 17-8 2200 This are VOA news
1539 IRIB Yazd IRN 17-8 2228 Intro tune weak
917 R.Gotel Yola NIG 17-8 2236 VN talks
1566 All India R. Nagpur IND 17-8 2246 Local songs
740 R.Soc. Da Bahia Salvador B 18-8 2335 Brazil music and info in Pr. ID "Salvador"
1220 R.Globo Rio de Janeiro B 18-8 2336 ID "R.Globo " fair
1290 YVLF R.Puerto Rico Cabello VEN 20-8 0.314 ID as "Cabello"
1130 WBBR New York NY USA 20-8 0.331 On Bloomberg dot com
1190 WLIB New York NY USA 21-8 0.408 You inspiration station
1400 CBG Gander NL CAN 21-8 0.415 Talks and CBC ID
1620 WDHP Virgin Isles Frederiksted VRG 21-8 0.430 BBC news about Australia
1560 WQEW New York NY USA 21-8 0.431 Disney ID
1010 CFRB Toronto ON CAN 21-8 0.431 News
1500 Radio 2000 AM Cumanà VEN 21-8 0.435 SS talks thx . To Alessandro for helping
1470 WLMC Georgetown SC USA 21-8 0.301 News by male and female Paul C. helping for ID
1670 CJEU Gatineau QC CAN 21-8 0.434 French songs by childeren
1470 HCYL2 R.Ecos de Naranjito EQA 21-8 0.437 ID "En LA onda 14-70" AB helping for ID
1620 CMBA Rebelde CUB 22-8 0.333 SS music and ID
1500 WFED Washington DC USA 22-8 0.405 About Iraq -Washington
740 CHCM Marystown NL CAN 21-8 0.415 VOCM ID
1030 WBZ Boston MA USA 24-8 0.310 News talk
1180 R.Rebelde Vila Maria CUB 24-8 0.320 SS talks about Cuba
1570 CFAV Laval QC CAN 24-8 0.340 Pop mx.
1650 CJRS Montrèal QC CAN 24-8 0.401 French talks
1290 R.Viva 12-90 Cali CLM 24-8 0.030 SS talks by male about a man to sell his medicine thx. To Henrik K.
1100 R.Globo Sao Paulo B 25-8 2253 Pr. Talks by male ID as " Globo"
930 CFBC St. John NB CAN 27-8 0.303 pop mx. CCR Who stops the rain
680 CFTR Toronto ON CAN 27-8 0.433 News and weather
1557 WYFR Kouhu TWN 27-8 2035 E. bible talks
980 R.Nac. Brasilia B 28-8 00.00 News in Pr. By male and female
770 HJJX SF de Bogota CLM 28-8 0.445 SS ID "RCN"
555 ZIZ St.Kits Bassetere SCN 28-8 0.429 E. news talks by female
820 CHAM Hamilton ON CAN 29-8 0.151 Country mx.
800 PJB ,TWR Bonaire ATA 29-8 0.457 Most gospel talks in SS + ID tune thx. To P.C for helping
820 TBN Charlestown Nevis SCN 29-8 0.240 Gospel songs
1.499.848 OBX41 R.Santa Rosa ,Lima PRU 29-8 0.455 SS meditecion music by a priest
660 WFAN New York NY USA 31-8 0.344 Sports
700 WLW Cincinnati OH USA 31-8 0.347 News
1700 KVNS Brownsvill TX USA 31-8 0.458 Pop mx. And ID Rock Oldies
1700 WJCC Miami Springs FL USA 31-8 0.445 La Voz in French talks
1640 WTNI Biloxi MS USA 31-8 0.459 16-40 WTNI ESPN radio
1060 XEEP R.Educacion MEX 31-8 0.439 ID"Educacion " and romantic songs
1140 WQBA Miami FL USA 31/8/ 0.439 La Voz de Miami
1660 WCNZ Marco Island FL USA 31-8 0.450 E. talks and full ID as "Avenue"
670 R.Rebelde CUB 1-9 0.439 SS talks and pips
1296 VOA R.Ashna ,Kabul AFG 1-9 2100 VOA news about Iraq ID at 2127
1650 KFOX Torrance CA CAN 2-9 0.330 Korean talks
1370 WDEA Ellsworth ME USA 4-9 0.415 Oldies and phone number
1280 WCMN NotiUno Radio Centro

,Arecibo PTR 4-9 0.445 SS talks ID as " NotiUno " in SS
1650 CJRS Montreàl QC CAN 5-9 0.415 French talks by female about daily life
1510 WLAC Nashville TN USA 5-9 0.435 News talks mix. With Boston
600 CBNA St. Anthony NL CAN 8-9 0.505 News talks
880 WCBS New York NY USA 8-9 0.503 CBS news
850 WEEI Boston MA USA 8-9 0.505 ESPN ID WEEI
660 WFAN New york NY USA 10-9 0.500 ID New york 6-60
570.050 KNR Nuuk GRL 11-9 0.435 Greenlands talks
1250 HJCA R.Capital SF Bogota CLM 11-9 0.500 SS by male and full ID as " Capital radio"
1320 R.Apolo,Turmoro VEN 11-9 0.503 SS ID by male "Apolo"
1450 HJNL La Carinosa Manizales CLM 11-9 0.505 SS talks by male ID helping by Henrik K.
1280 HJKN R.Unica SF de Bogota CLM 11-9 0.500 SS talks info thx. To Henrik K. for helping
1580 HJTG R.Maria Barranquilla CLM 12-9 0.515 Holy Mass in SS ID "Maria"
1000 WMVP Chicago IL USA 13-9 0.503 ESPN dot com ID

dinsdag 24 augustus 2010

Logs van de laaste dagen op de MW

1470  WLAM   0056
1510   WWZN   0059
1520   WWKB  0100
1540  CHIN   0102
1521  CRI  1755
1539  Djibouti  2124
1539  VOA  2200
1539  IRIB  2228
917  Gotel  NIG   2236
1566  India  2246
740  R.Soc.   B.  2335
1220  R.Globo B.  2336
1130  WBBR  0331
1190   WLIB    0408
1400 CBG  0415
1620   WDHP 0430
1560  WQEW  0431
1010  CFRB  0431
1500  R.2000   VEN  0435
1470  WLMC    0301
1670 CJEU  0431
1470  HCYL2   EQA  0437
1620 CMBA    0333
1500  WFED  0405
740CHCM  0415
1030 WBZ  0310
1180 Rebelde 0320
1570  CFRS  0340
1650  CJRS  0401

zaterdag 14 augustus 2010

Deze morgen condities op de MW

Leuke signalen ,maar met tamelijk veel ruis .Rond 0415 station gehoord op 1190khz ,waarschijnlijk  Argentinie.Gisterenavond China gehoord op 1521khz ,1900utc Met ID in het Russisch

Zie ook Ken Baird DX site


Hier enkele opnames van mijn Schotse DX vriend ,Ken Baird

WINS 1010, WTIC 1080, WBBR 1130, CKNB 950, VOCM 620, WWKB 1520, WEGP 1390, WDEA 1370, WZAN 970, WFAN 660, CFTR 680
 Recordings all made around 0400, or 0430 this morning. Best peak seems to be around 0430 at this time.

Opnames zijn van de laaste dagen

woensdag 11 augustus 2010

Condities op de middengolf 9/8

Uitzonderlijke goede condities voor de tijd van tjaar op de MW ,met hulp van enkele buitenlandse DXers ,kwamen we er toch deze namiddag uit wat betrefd het ID van onderstaande stations .
1070khz  LR1 Radio El Mundo  ,Buenos Aires Argentina  0404utc   SS talks by male about Argentina  id  El Mundo
1520khz   HJTL  JC  Radio Bogota Colombia   0408utc    SS pop songs
1580khz  HJQZ  Radio Maria  Barrranquilla   Colombia   0404utc   Religious  talks in SS and music id  as Maria
1280khz  HJKN  Radio Unica Bogota  Colombia  0408utc  (tentative ) SS talks by male
1400khz   HJKM  Emisora Mariana Bogota  Colombia   SS news about Colombia by male 0411utc
1450khz   HCNL  La Carinosa Manizales   Colombia  0413utc   SS music and id as La Carinosa
1370khz  HJKX  Radio Mundial  Bogota  Colombia  0419utc   SS talks by male  is as Mundial
1340 khz  OAU4Q  Radio Alegria  Peru   0417utc  (tentative) SS talks and mx. splatter 1341khz
Perseus  SDR   en supper Kaz

maandag 9 augustus 2010

Winradio nog niet toegekomen ,hier een antwoord van Winradio zelf

Dear Mr. van Driessche,

I am the Product Manager at WiNRADiO, and I apologise for any inconvience
caused to you.

> I pay my money more than one moths ago for the G31 DCC. But I receiv
> nothing ,are this normal .?Im from Belgium .I ask the dealer here in
> Belgium ,he tell me ,the Excalibur coming direkt from Australie .Im not
> sure.

Can you please give me the name of the dealer you have purchased the WR-

It is possible that there has been some misunderstanding, and that your
dealer acted in good faith by expecting our delivery in a few days. However,
due to the unexpected high demand for the new Excalibur, we have experienced
a shortage, and some of our dealers are at present still on backorder.

We hope to rectify this fairly soon, with another production batch being
scheduled towards the middle of this months.

I hope this has helped to put your mind at ease. If you have any problems
with your dealer, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Helmut Riexinger
Product Manager

WiNRADiO Communications
15 Stamford Road
Oakleigh 3166

Tel: +61 3 9568 2568 Ext. 0201
Fax: +61 3 9568 1377


donderdag 29 juli 2010

Hier een signaal van het station Antartica LRA36

Logs 25/7

6035khz ,  2259utc  LV Guaviare ,S.J. Guaviare   Colombia   SS music  Full ID at 00.00utc  by male as" Guaviare"  fair
6009.752khz ,  2301utc  LV de Tu Concencia ,Lomalinda  Colombia   SS ID "Concencia "     fair
6019.294khz  ,2300utc  R.Victoria ,Lima  Peru  SS speech by male and full ID as" R.Victoria"  and 9 th. symphony by Beethoven  (short)  fair   
6155.355khz  , 2303utc  R.Fides ,La Paz  Bolivia   SS news   weak
5921.294khz   ,  2301utc   R.Bethel ,Arequipa  Peru   Religion  talks in SS by male   weak

vrijdag 23 juli 2010

Nieuwe SDR ontvanger opkomst de Winradio WR-G31DCC

Mijn ontvanger ,de Perseus SDR

Antennes ,Supper Kaz ,Marconi en LW


9564.568khz   , 2053utc  Super radio Deus a Amor ,Curitiba  Brazil  Strong and clear  Pr. talks by male  ID Voz do Brazil 
9629.920    , 2058utc R.Aparecida ,Aparecida  Brazil  Pr. talks by male and female    good
9645.355khz    ,2112utc   R.Bandeirantes  Sao Paulo     Brazil    Pr. talks by male and female   splatter China 9640
9665.120khz     ,2120utc    R.Voz Missionaria ,Florianopolis  Brazil    Pr. talks     about  Brazil     good
10.000khz        2130utc    Observatorio,Rio de Janeiro  Brazil    time pips   ID   Observatorio       fair
11749.890khz   , 2137utc    R.Voz  Missionaria,Florianopolis    Brazil   Nice Pr. songs    fair
11765khz  ,2142utc    Super Deus a Amor ,Cuitiba  Brazil  Pr. speech by male    good
11780khz  ,2146utc      R.Nac. do Amazonia ,Brasilia    Brazil    Strong Pr. talks by male and female  on a phone      good
11815khz  , 2150utc   R.Brazil Central ,Gaiana  Brazil  Pr. talks about the problems in Brazil     good
5990khz  ,2155utc   R.Senado  ,Brasilia  Brazil    Jazz music ,with Pr. comments  very good
5970khz   , 2200utc   R.Itatiaia,Belo Horizonte     Weak Pr.   talks about Brazil
5939.940khz  ,  2205utc   R.Voz Missionaria ,Camboria    Brazil  Nice meditecion music  and Pr. comments by male
6135.030khz    ,2210utc  R.Aparecida ,Aparecida   Brazil   Full ID
5952.448khz   ,0015utc     Em Pio XII ,Siglo Viente   Bolivia  SS talks by male and nac. march
5910.010khz   ,0021utc    Marfil Estéreo  ,Lomalinda    Colombia   Typical songs in SS    fair
9504.980khz  , 2124utc   R.Record ,Sao Paulo  Brazil  Two men in conversation about Brazil      fair
9675khz   ,2130utc   R.Cancao  Nova  ,Cachoeira  Paulista  Brazil    Many IDs  in Pr. as "Cancao Nova"   very good
11854.940khz   ,2140utc   R.Aparecida ,Aparecida  Brazil   Typical Brazil music    fair
11925.203khz   ,2147utc   R.Bandeirantes  ,Sao Paulo  Brazil   Pr. talks about Sao Paulo

Hier een nieuwe aankoop ,de Hallicrafters SX122

Hier kunt u enkele videos bekijken van mijn hobby


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