dinsdag 14 juni 2011

Logs on the tropical band this weekend 11-12----6

5120.240khz  2358utc  Ondas del Suroiriente  ,Quillabamba  Peru    Nice Peru songs and comments by male in Spanish   fair
4986.400khz   2359utc   Radio Manantial ,Huanta  Peru    Weak but fair Spanish  ,by male +ID  
4974.790khz  2356utc   Radio del Pacifico ,Lima Peru   ,Spanish music  .Later ID  Pacifico     weak
4955khz    2358utc     Radio Cultura Amauta Huanta  Peru    Spanish   Cristiana program  ID as " Cultura Huanta"   good audio and signal
4950khz   2356utc  Radio Madre de Dios ,  Pt  Maldonado  Peru    Typical music from Peru  at 2359utc weak talks by male  ID ?
4939.980khz    2359utc   Radio San Antonio ,Villa Atalaya   Peru   Spanish  by male   weak no ID heard
4878.500khz  2357utc  Rdif Roraima, Boa Vista  Brazil    Portugese by male  ID "Voz de Brazil"   fair  following with romantic songs
4814.970khz  2356utc   Radio El Buen Pastor,Saraguro    Equador   Some Spanish talks by male ,and music  no ID heard  qrn on the frequency
4789.920khz    2359utc    Radio Vision -LV Salvacion   Peru    Very weak  spanish and music no ID heard
4775khz  2358utc   Radio Tarma ,Tarma   Peru     Spanish music  and Tarma ID   by male ,,weak best audio in usb
4746.971khz  2358utc    Radio Huanta 2000 Huanta   Peru   Nice Spanish music  ID "Huanta  cultural " good
4716.700khz     2357utc  Radio Yura ,Aillu  Yura    Weak spanish music ,and talks by male    no ID heard
4699.970khz   2359utc   Radio San Miguel  ,Riberalta   Bolivia     Spanish  music  ID as " San Miguel "     fair
4451.190khz   2358utc  Radio Santa Ana ,Ana de Yacuma  Bolivia    Very weak spanish talks to matts qrn on the frequency
3310khz   2355utc   Radio Mosoj Chaski ,Cochabamba   Bolivia      Weak Spanish talks by male 

donderdag 3 maart 2011

zaterdag 26 februari 2011

zaterdag 19 februari 2011

1140.790khz HJKO Radio Espernza ,Cartagena at0632utc 15/2 -16/2

I heard talk in spanish working 1140.790khz, 15 / 2 -16/2 It was hard to understand what station it was. Henrik K. in Sweden has helped me well with equations and webstream. After two days he knew the station test set up .More info on the Realgroup Yahoo

Thanks again Henrik