maandag 9 augustus 2010

Winradio nog niet toegekomen ,hier een antwoord van Winradio zelf

Dear Mr. van Driessche,

I am the Product Manager at WiNRADiO, and I apologise for any inconvience
caused to you.

> I pay my money more than one moths ago for the G31 DCC. But I receiv
> nothing ,are this normal .?Im from Belgium .I ask the dealer here in
> Belgium ,he tell me ,the Excalibur coming direkt from Australie .Im not
> sure.

Can you please give me the name of the dealer you have purchased the WR-

It is possible that there has been some misunderstanding, and that your
dealer acted in good faith by expecting our delivery in a few days. However,
due to the unexpected high demand for the new Excalibur, we have experienced
a shortage, and some of our dealers are at present still on backorder.

We hope to rectify this fairly soon, with another production batch being
scheduled towards the middle of this months.

I hope this has helped to put your mind at ease. If you have any problems
with your dealer, please let me know.

Kind regards,

Helmut Riexinger
Product Manager

WiNRADiO Communications
15 Stamford Road
Oakleigh 3166

Tel: +61 3 9568 2568 Ext. 0201
Fax: +61 3 9568 1377

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